Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spice up Your Live Nude Chat with a few Naughty Tricks

Even if you choose greatsites and fantastic hosts, naked chats can become a bit repetitive as time goes by. It's always fun to watch a striptease or enjoy a session of mutual masturbation, but sometimes you just feel like something more interesting.
Luckily, spicing up your live nude chat is a lot simpler than you imagine. Here are just a few ideas of how to get it right.

What Do You Fantasize about?
This is the time to make it real. Use role playing to live out your wildest fantasies and you will be amazed by the new thrill. No need to be shy. The camgirls are usually very happy to share your desires and they will play any role with surprising talent, if you just give them the chance.

Throw in Some Toys
Dildos, vibrators and anal beads make the hosts happier and make the shows a lot more entertaining. Just make sure the camgirl has some accessories when you're still on free chat, so you won't end up disappointed.  

Sexy Lingerie, Pantyhose and Latex
Some outfits can add a lot to a cam show by their sheer existence. This includes lingerie, stockings and even PVC boots, not to mention squeaky latex that makes any woman into an instant catwoman.

Always Use Cam 2 Cam
Nothing heats things up faster on webcams than adding some Cam 2 Cam. The host can see you while you watch her and the chat becomes a lot more exciting.

Explore the Wild Side of the Webcam Arena
Even if you're a total geek and have no darker passions, trying out fetishes on webcams cam be a lot of fun when you're on a live nude chat room. This is your chance to explore, to enjoy or maybe to assess and decide you don’t like it. Spanking, humiliation, bondage and even CBT – just ask the camgirl to show you around and you'll never bet bored again.

Find out How to Pay Less on Live Nude Chat Rooms

The most commonly asked question on live nude chat sites is: How can I save cash and still enjoy myself? Users are eager to watch premium live shows no doubt, but most are concerned about the price and everyone wants to pay less. This makes sense of course. In the current economical state there is really no excuse for spending a lot on a service that you can easily get for less. In fact, saving money on webcams is a lot easier than you think, and if you follow the next few guidelines, you'll end up with a much lower bill at the end of the month.

1.      Make Sure you Choose the Right Website.
By "right" we mean of course a reliable one, a site that cares about you as a user and isn’t always out to squeeze you for a few extra bucks. Stick to the bigger and familiar websites because they have usually been around long enough to understand users' needs and expectations and they are also less likely to have scammers. Note that the larger sites will also have better prices because they can afford to offer more discounts.
2.      Join Fan Clubs of Your Favorite Hosts.
True – joining fan clubs costs money, but if you only join those of hosts that you tend to revisit, then you can also save more than you invest. Fan clubs are usually accompanied by special discount codes, given only to fans of specific models, which usually means that you can cut back on your spending and enjoy some extra attention from the performer along the way.
3.      Look for discounted live nude chat rooms.
Some sites offer Happy Hour chat rooms or 0.99 chats or even cheaper options. Look for the small signs indicating such special offers and when possible, choose your live show partners only from these chat rooms.
4.      Prefer New Hosts
New performers usually charge less and sometime they charge a lot less. If you can, stick to these models because you'll get excellent shows for half the regular price.
5.      Use the Free Video Chat Rooms
By spending some time with the model on the free video chat room before each show, you can save a lot of money. Why? Because you take care of all the introductions and questions without asking and because you choose the ideal hosts so you don’t end up leaving a show half way through. What is a site doesn't offer free chats? Leave it. It's not good enough.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Try a Live Nude Chat that Will Blow You Away

Find out how you too can begin enjoying amazing naked webcamshows. If you too are tired of disappointments and want to engage in naughty cam chats and nothing but, we are here to help and tell you exactly how to do it right. Simply take a couple of minutes to read this post and start having rela fun on nude cams.

It’s not always easy finding a high-quality live nude chat. A lot of the time users will be misled by a nice photo and will eventually end up paying a lot and getting very little in return. It is hard to anticipate which video chat room will deliver and which is only featuring some bored model that wants to get as much cash out of viewers with minimal effort on her side. Some webcam users are so discouraged by encountering such useless teasers that they eventually abandon the whole notion of adult webcams, unaware that excellent choice are out there, if only they will know how to locate them.
Well, the best advice we can give you is to choose the right website. If you pick a professional webcam sex site, you can be pretty sure that someone is supervising the live nude chat rooms and making sure that the cam models don’t just promise without standing by their word.

Also, in professional cam sites, usually the screening process of the live models is a lot stricter and so you don’t you don’t run into real scammers and cheaters. You still need to choose carefully and make sure that the model you pick is into the same kinky fun as you, but you can do so on the free chat rooms and you at least know that the models aim to please.
Want to see how wonderful live shows can be? Check out a really well-made adult webcam arena and find out.